Yorkshire and the Humber

Yorkshire and the Humber

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Sue Stokes

Proposed by Barnsley U3A
Seconded by Sheffield U3A


I have been a member of BU3A for 8 years, having been Business Secretary, Vice Chairman and Newsletter Editor. I have been a Regional Volunteer and Vice Chairman of the Yorkshire and the Humber Region where we have 51 U3As ranging from 55 to 3000+ memberships.

I have participated in Local History, Italian and Curry Food nights, Healthy Eating, Discussion, Walking, Gelotology and Jewellery Making groups within BU3A, as well as helping organise the regional Showcase events.

I am keen to support the development of U3As to provide local people with choices and inspiration during their third age and to maximise the cross fertilisation of ideas, expertise and enthusiasm at regional level. Outside U3A I volunteer at our local Hospice, support Operation Christmas Child and ensure I take lots of trips and holidays in-between commitments. I believe that life is for living --- this is not a rehearsal!