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Accessibility and Inclusivity in our U3As

U3A Plus is being developed to assist (support) U3As in ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all their members. This workshop will explore ways we can help all members with an impairment to access the lifelong learning on offer in their U3A.


Communication is vital in order to maximise awareness of your U3A in the local area. We will therefore consider two key publicity tools: press releases and social media. This workshop is suitable for anyone interesting in raising awareness of their U3A.


Diversity affects everyone. Are U3A members a homogenous group or each one a unique individual with personal life stories? Diversity refers to different types of people: age, gender etc. Embracing diversity is the first step towards inclusion.

Encouraging volunteering within your U3A

Without volunteers we have no U3A. A participative workshop aimed at sharing ideas and strategies which are designed to encourage members to contribute to all aspects of their U3A and the wider movement – by the members, for the members.

Financial Matters

Participants will be encouraged to offer input on the topics they would like to discuss. These will then be covered under the following categories: Handling money and charitable purposes; Finance models; Insurance; Reporting and examining accounts; Gift Aid.

Getting involved in Research and Shared Learning Projects

Led by Research Project Advisers, this interactive workshop will explore various types of research opportunities for your U3A and help you to develop your ideas.

Give and Take: how you can support the U3A movement

The U3A movement, based on the Guiding Principles of our Founders, continues to grow and if everyone gives a little back, we can get a lot done. This interactive workshop will ask participants to come up with ways in which members can contribute to the wider U3A movement so if you wish to contribute, this workshop is for you.

Group coordinators – Making it Happen

We all learn in different ways, whether visual, auditory, verbal, kinaesthetic, social or solitary or a combination of these. This discussion group will explore the different approaches to learning which can help co-ordinators and conveners to encourage, develop and expand the activities of interest groups.

Learning Online: Do you do it? Do you want to?

Many U3A subject groups now use digital resources, Facebook, YouTube etc to help deliver learning opportunities to their members. In this session we shall explore the many routes available and hopefully introduce new ones. Most importantly we will discuss some of the ways in which U3As can adopt technology to suit their members’ needs – potentially at both local and national level.

Online Membership Systems

Find out what an online membership system is and how the Beacon System can help you manage your U3A.

The International Third Age Movement

A Workshop that covers the various “U3A models” around the world, including the very different “UK” and “French” Models. Information will be provided on the support the Trust provides for links with U3As overseas, particularly in the areas of language and cultural exchanges.

U3A Guide to the Galaxy! L2L – Learning to Learn ‘Beyond Their Horizons’

Enjoyable, practical strategies to engage members in learning activities. Discover flexible processes to make participation accessible to all members drawing on a variety of skills and the odd murder mystery to solve! Leave with a handbook of inspirational ideas.

Virtual U3A: Online access to U3A

The Virtual U3A (vU3A) allows people to enjoy the benefits of U3A membership at home using the internet. This workshop will demonstrate how vU3A works, what it offers, how you can become involved and explore why it has the potential to tackle isolation and loneliness.

What makes a successful U3A Committee?

The session will be entirely participative. Attendees will raise issues that they face in managing their U3As. Possible solutions will be discussed by Workshop participants. The Workshop aims to assist Chairs, and other Committee Members, in managing their U3A by sharing experiences with committee members in other U3As.